Matura ustna – język angielski.
Przykładowe pytania do rozmowy wstępnej zgodnie z grupami tematycznymi.
- tłumaczenie, odpowiedzi i wymowa znajdują się w: podręczniki (nr 71).

1. What is your best friend like?
2. What character traits does your best friend have?
3. Describe your brother/sister or your friend.
4. What clothes do you like wearing?
5. What are your hobbies?

1. Where would you like to live – in a city, a town or in the country?
2. Can you describe your room or any room in your house?
3. Do you like the place where you live? Why/Why not?
4. What would you like to change in your house or in your neighbourhood?

1. What do you like about your school or teachers?
2. What should the perfect teacher be like?
3. What is your favourite subject at school? Why?
4. How do you prepare for important tests or exams?

1. How would you like to earn your living in the future?
2. What would an ideal boss be like?
3. Would you like to work on your own or for a company? Why?
4. Would you like to work during the summer holidays? Why/Why not?

5.Życie rodzinne i towarzyskie
1. How do you spend your free time?
2. Who do you meet on special occasions?
3. On what occasions do you meet your family or friends?
4. What is your favourite celebration? Why?

1. What do you like eating?
2. What don't you like eating?
3. Which is your favourite restaurant or pub? Why?
4. Do you eat out? What do you eat then?

7.Zakupy i usługi
1. What would you like to get for your birthday or name day? Why?
2. Where do you usually go shopping?
3. Do you buy products on the Internet? If so, what do you buy?
4. What do you think the future of online shopping is?

8.Podróżowanie i turystyka
1. What interesting places have you visited recently?
2. Where would you like to go during your summer holidays?
3. Do you like travelling? Where do you usually travel to?
4. Do you prefer travelling on your own or with other people? Why?

1. What is your favourite film or book and why?
2. What interesting film/book have you seen/read recently? What is it about?
3. Do you prefer watching films at home or at the cinema? Why?
4. What do you usually watch on TV?
5. What music do you usually listen to?

1. What sports do you like doing?
2. What sports don't you like doing?
3. What sports do you like watching?
4. Are you a supporter of any team? If so, what do you do to support them?
5. Who is your favourite sportsman/sportswoman? Why?

1. What do you do to stay healthy?
2. Is your diet healthy? What is your diet like?
3. What are you going to do to stay healthy when you're over 50?
4. What addictions do you know of?

12.Nauka i technika
1. What do you usually use your computer for?
2. What modern devices or gadgets do you have or want to have? Why?
3. What is the most important invention? Why do you think so?
4. If you had to decide: no mobile or no computer – what option would you choose? Why?

13.Świat przyrody
1. Do you have a pet at home? If so, tell me more about your pet.
2. Would you buy your friend a pet for his/her birthday? Why/Why not?
3. What natural disasters do you think are the scariest? Why?
4. What weather do you like most?

14.Państwo i społeczeństwo
1. Would you like to be the president of Poland? Why/Why not?
2. Would you like to be a politician? Why/Why not?
3. What would you like to change in Poland?
4. What is the area you live in like – your neighbours, surroundings, etc.?

15.Elementy wiedzy o krajach anglojęzycznych
1. Who is your favourite British or American music star or film star? Why?
2. Would you like to live and work in the USA? Why/Why not?
3. Which English-speaking country would you like to visit? Why?
4. What American or British traditions do you know of?